Airfield Maintenance Services

Airfield Maintenance Service teams provide turn-key service to restore runway friction, ensure airfield safety, and enhance pavement appearance.

We offer service in four areas of airfield maintenance including runway rubber removal, airfield striping, asphalt rejuvenation and civil engineering support (friction testing). We will leverage our experience, skill, and knowledge to tailor these services to fit your specific needs whether you simply need runway friction evaluation or full-scale airfield renovations.

Rubber Removal


Before Avion 50                           after Avion 50

Runway Rubber Removal

  • Non- Destructive Rubber Removal Using Avion50
  • Equipment and Application Training for In-House Rubber Removal

Our AMS teams provide non-destructive rubber removal services using Avion50. Rubber build-up on runways is recognized by the FAA as a major safety hazard. Avion50 effectively removes rubber deposits to restore runway friction without compromising the integrity of the asphalt. Utilizing equipment specifically designed for speed and effectiveness, we can clean 100,000 square feet per night which minimizes interference with aircraft operations. In addition to its unmatched effectiveness, you can rest easy knowing, Avion50 is the most environmentally friendly solution in runway rubber removal. From skid analysis to removal and disposal, our AMS team can manage the entire project for you.

If you already own the proper equipment to perform rubber removal in-house, allow our AMS team to effectively train your crews in rubber removal using Avion50.

Rubber Removal Projects
Airfield Striping

Airfield Striping Services & Joint Repair

  • Paint Removal
  • Surface Preparation
  • Paint Removal Using Grinding, Ultra High pressure Water, Hot High Pressure Water
  • Airfield Layout & Striping

Our AMS Teams can help you maintain full pilot visibility and reduce the chance of older paint build-up from becoming FOD. We provide paint removal, surface preparation and layout, helping you keep your field up-to-date and in compliance with the latest FAA and USAF standards. Using high pressure water for paint removal is effective and efficient if done correctly; however, it is common for inexperienced stripers to overlook the damage high pressure water blasting can cause to expansion joints and seals. Our experience in working on airfield will ensure your painting job is done right the first time.

If you have already experienced joint and seal damage as a result of improper high pressure water blasting we can repair the damage and restore the functionality. AMS can route, replace and repair cold or hour poured joints and seals.

Airfield Striping Projects
Asphalt Rejuvenation

Asphalt Rejuvenation

  • Runway and Taxiway Rejuvenation using Paverx
  • Pavement Evaluation & Consultation

Asphalt deteriorates from the top down. Weather, chemical oxidation, and ultraviolet rays from the sun are natural enemies of asphalt pavements. Our AMS teams utilize Paverx, an asphalt rejuvenator, to revitalize, seal, protect and beautify asphalt pavements by penetrating the surface and becoming an integral part of the binder. Paverx also prevents the damage caused by JET-A and AVGAS spillage. Not only will Paverx enhance the pavement appearance and reduce future damage but it will also improve safety by increasing the visibility of airfield markings. Our AMS teams can assess your airfield’s need for rejuvenation and ensure proper application of Paverx to maximize the appearance and protection of runways and taxiways.

Asphalt Rejuvenation Projects
Civil Engineering Support

Civil Engineering Support Services

  • Friction Tester Sales
  • GripTester FAA Certified CFME Pavement Evaluation
  • Texture Depth measurements, Outflow Testing, Pavement Friction Evaluation
  • Training & Consultation

Aircraft overruns are always damaging and sometimes disastrous. The most effective way of preventing them is to carry our regular surveys with a recognized runway friction tester and act promptly on the results. Our AMS teams use the versatile GripTester to execute runway friction testing and provide consultation on the results.

The GripTester is FAA and ICAO approved and will provide and accurate assessment of your runway friction. Following friction testing, your AMS team can provide the necessary services to restore runway friction and ensure your airfield is meeting and exceeding the FAA safety standards.

In addition to providing the service of friction testing, our AMS teams can train, support and provide consultation to your maintenance crew if you are interesting in purchasing a GripTester. The GripTester’s open structure, modular design and high quality components ensure ease of maintenance. It can be towed by almost any vehicle and can use almost any laptop or notebook PC as a data collection computer. This versatility ensures a low cost of ownership and coupled with our AMS team training and support, GripTester is an excellent solution to your airport’s on-going friction testing needs.

Support Services Projects