Airfield Maintenance Services

From rubber removal to runway striping, AMS is your go-to airfield maintenance service provider. 

Our Services

Chemtek-AMS is a leader in the airfield maintenance service industry with over 30 years of experience. We are committed to providing you the best service possible.

Runway Rubber Removal

We use our non-destructive rubber removal product, Avion50, to provide safe, non-destructive runway rubber removal. From skid analysis to removal and disposal, our AMS team can manage the entire project for you. 

Airfield Striping Service

Our AMS teams can help you maintain full pilot visibility and reduce the chance of older paint build-up from becoming FOD. We provide paint removal, surface preparation and layout, helping you keep your field safe and  up-to-date.

Asphalt Rejuvenation

Our AMS teams utilize Paverx, Chemtek’s asphalt rejuvenator, to revitalize, seal, protect, beautify and increase the safety of  asphalt pavements. Our AMS teams are also experienced in joint replacement and repair.

Civil Engineer Support

Texture depth measurements, outflow testing and friction testing are a few of the support services we can assist you with. In addition to this, our AMS teams can train, support and provide consultation to your maintenance crews.

The Best in the Industry

We have had the privilege to help more than 200 airfields in more than 7 countries with their airfield maintenance services.

Here are a few of the jobs we have done for them:

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